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6-Piece European Travelling Kit

The 6-piece European Travelling Kit which is conveniently hand packed into a durable kit bag.

Banner Kit


Large Garden Storage box

Our large garden storage box is designed for maximum storage space


Table Furniture Cover

Our garden table furniture cover stops the possibility of losing that bright colourful design or ‘new look’ on your garden furniture.


Tidy Tent Storage Solution

A secure and simple outdoor storage solution suitable for motorbikes and scooters, bicycles and garden furniture to name a few.


Car Parking Ticket Clip

Our Parking Ticket Clip is the cure to parking ticket fines; this innovative invention is included in this kit to end further fines for ‘failure to display.

car parking ticket clip


Coloured Chair Clip-on Parasol

Our clip-on parasols enable protection against harmful UV rays, whilst styling your back garden with bright, vibrant colours.


Headlight Adaptors

Our UK-EU Eurolites Anti-Scorch Beam Reflectors are suitable for all vehicles, and they include a manual for their application to your vehicle with a diagram to show you exactly how to apply them to your headlamps.

Eurolites Headlight Beam Adaptors


8-Piece European Travelling Kit

Family, Motoring and Leisure brings the all essential 8-piece European Motoring Kit which includes everything you need to ensure that you have all your legal requirements in one place.

8 piece European travel kit


Outdoor Garden Pizza Oven

This outdoor garden pizza oven BBQ is Ideal for every household. If you get bored of cooking pizza you can take out the included fire stone and use the grill to BBQ all types of food.

Outdoor Garden Pizza Oven BBQ


French Breathalysers

Our ‘NF’ Approved Alcoproof breathalysers are supplied in a twin pack providing you with a spare should you ever find the need to use one, and keeping you compliant with French law.