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We know how popular driving abroad is to the British with the highest proportion of our customers purchasing products to keep them safe and legal on holidays. In addition to our guidance on your legal and regulatory motoring requirements, we’ve put together ten fantastic locations across Europe that we think you’ll love.

Trollstigen, Norway.

The Trollstigen road is any driving enthusiasts dream, located in the mountainous region of Rauma Municipality the road is a serpentine mountain road with magnificent views and winding roads. It is also a great location to park up at the Trollstigen Center to enjoy the grand scale of the rushing waters beneath your feet.


Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle is like no other, based on the hill top above the village of Hohenschwangau in Southwest Bavaria, Germany, this gigantic piece of nineteenth-century architecture is something everyone should witness. With the surrounding scenery and open-road autobahns, there’s no better option that to drive to this location on a tour of what Europe has to offer.

Amalfi Coast, Italy


The Amalfi Coast takes the experience of European travel back to its traditional heart with outdoor markets and boutiques, quaint art gallery and wondrous heritage. We find the Amalfi Coast arising in our top ten locations for its beautiful blend of tradition, heritage, and originality. You will find bakers and butchers, restaurant and hotels which have been established for centuries and continuing to serve the best Italy historically has to offer.



Furka Pass, Switzerland


Furka Pass rises to 2,429m as a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps, another location for the driving enthusiast, it is most well-known for its starring in the James Bond film Goldfinger and the famous car chase. Its sharp mountain top turns will keep your heart pumping whilst your mind is elated with the stark views which surround you.



Monte Carlo, Monaco

Little needs to be said to convince Britons to travel to Monaco, as one of the smallest city-states in the world, it is known for its formula one circuit, the infamous Monte Carlo Casino and mouth-watering cuisine. Whether you are looking for an exclusive time away in southern France or an extravagant location for your motorhome, Monaco is an ironclad location for drive abroad holidays.



Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is none other than a cultural and historical hotspot for Europe’s art and architecture. Its sites are truly inspiring to the mind with a certain climate and beach locations it has everything the British traveller could desire. Motorists can view the inner spirit of Spain whilst driving down from its west coast or down from Calais France through the wine and champagne region.



Dubrovnik, Croatia

Encompassed by huge stone walls, the sixteenth-century city displays its historical significance in Croatia’s history with pride. The coastal location ensures a wealth of sunshine and its high walls provide shelter from the winds. The roads through Croatia are undoubtedly crafted to please with open land to walk along and hill-tops to gaze upon.



Batumi, Georgia

A waterside resort, complementing the Black Sea, Batumi is Europe’s hidden gem. It’s marvellous sculptures, dashing water fountains and spectacular night lights are a tribute to its calm atmosphere. Encroaching on the Turkish border, we’re sure this hidden country will please the long-term and committed motorist as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Its guests are in for a long road trip across the northern nations of Europe, pushing towards the middle-east and Asia; however, the result is going to be a welcoming city on elated eyes.



Bled, Slovenia

This lakeside town in Slovenia is hidden in the Julian Alps, its silence and nature provide a relaxing backdrop to any sort after European getaway. For those that like to part-take in backpacking, hiking and hillside walks, this is the place to do it. You will be uninterrupted by this quite town with its residence sound with the knowledge that it holds that disconnection with technology and connection with untouched landscapes.



Carvoeiro, Portugal

Located on the coast between western and central Portugal, Carvoeiro is a small town with a single beach enclosed between two weather crafted cliffs. The town offers tranquillity to tourists with modest temperatures and luscious waters. Recommended in the height of the summer months, a biker’s trip or family filled quest to this small town is a memorable one.


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