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Travelling by motorbike is a thrilling and open experience, being able to reach higher speeds and weave through dense traffic. It then not surprising that many choose this method of transportation to reach the far corners of Europe. Motorcyclists should, however, note that there are legal and regulatory requirements in place across Europe.


Recently, the French legislator brought in a new requirement that all motorcyclists must wear a helmet with reflective stickers placed on all sides of their helmet. This is to allow other motorists to identify you in poor lighting conditions, and identify the helmet of any individual that may have come off during a traffic incident.


More commonly known, motorcyclists also need to display the initials of their motorbikes country of origin. For UK registered motorbikes this would be a GB sticker or magnet displayed at the rear end of the motorbike. You are also required in France to wear CE approved gloves whilst riding your motorbike to provide adequate grip and protection to avoid unwanted incidents on our roads.


French Reflective Motorcycle Helmet Stickers –


Motorcycle GB Magnetic Plate –



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