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The summer months are the busiest for motorists across the UK and the continent, with holidaymakers off to the South of France or down to the quiet coastal towns of Spain. For these long-haul motorway journeys, we’ve put together a range of car accessories we commonly sell that will undoubtedly make such journeys more comfortable and trouble-free.


If you are on your way to the remote coastal towns the continent has to off, you or your passengers may appreciate a microbead neck pillow. The upholstery in a car can get hot and sticky on long journeys, and the position of your neck compromised. A microbead neck pillow provides the necessary neck support to provide a comfortable position in any vehicle.


Travelling down to southern parts of the continent can prove humid and hot, including when you get to your hotel poolside. A compact travel hand fan is the perfect option to consistently keep you cool and comfortable. Family, Motoring and Leisure has a range of products which integrated features such as torches and water dispensers.


Additionally, do not forget to ensure you are safe and legal on the road whilst travelling through the continent. Our European motoring kit range provides every combination needed to ensure you remain legal, all conveniently stored in one handy kit bag.


Mini Travel Fan with Torch –


Spray Fan –


European Motoring Kit range –

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