Hiking, Swimming, Camping and More

Enjoying a fresh autumn breeze whilst running along the cliff tops, or hiking the welsh hilltops to camping in the Lake District, Britain has an enormous range outdoor activities, challenges and views which simply cannot be missed. In aiding your outdoor adventures, Family, Motoring and Leisure source some of the best tools, kits and safety aids to keep you safe and comfortable no matter the weather.

Swimming can be a daily ritual to some and a bit of fun to others, a range of durable and waterproof toys, inflatables and aids are inspected, tested and sourced by our Family, Motoring and Leisure team to ensure quality and durability for those daily, weekly or monthly trip to the swimming pool. If you’re off on a beach holiday, then our inflatables are perfect for storing in your suitcase. The team here at Family, Motoring and Leisure recommend the giant inflatable ducks and flamingos in stock, durable, comfortable and fun.

Camping across the British countryside or, most popularly, the Lake District, your sure to ensure what nature has to offer. Family, Motoring and Leisure have been working with our suppliers to identify the most practical and affordable camping tools and kit to offer our camping and outdoor enthusiasts. For instance, our range includes tent pegs, compact BBQs, Camping chairs, hammocks and camping sets.

Meanwhile, if you plan on taking your camping trip to the Continent this coming spring, we’ve got you covered. Family, Motoring and Leisure are one of the leading motoring accessories and safety aid suppliers in the UK. When driving through Europe motorists are required to adapt their headlights, carry warning triangles and high-visibility vests to name a few. Take a look at our sister site for more information: http://europeandrivingkits.co.uk 


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