Petrol and Diesel Car Ban By 2040 – Driving Electric

Pollution is a global issue which is and needs to be tackled by the leaders of the 21st century, with increasing temperature and deforestation are of key interest to society due to the immediate impact they have on our ecosystem. However, more recently urban areas across the Continent are introducing new bans, taxes and restrictions on motorists, including tackling the production of fossil fueled combustion engines.

France has recently signed and agreed to the widely publicised Paris Climate Agreement setting forth strong commitments to reducing emissions and overall pollution. As a result, Emmanuel Macron’s government will look to completely ban sales of all petrol and diesel motor vehicles by 2040. A huge undertaking and commitment.

Following suit is car manufacturer Volvo, who has also announced that they will only be producing fully electric vehicles or hybrids from 2019 onwards. This highlights a new motivation by our European counterparts to promote electric motor-vehicles and foreshadows the end of the fossil-fuelled combustion engine.

The UK may soon join France in committing to the electric and hybrid cars with tax incentives on electric vehicles already in place. The Mayor of London is additionally looking to implement charges on high-emission vehicles, councils are introducing free street lamps charging points, and the Queen’s speech, following the new coalition, reveals rolling out electric charging points is on the government agenda. This would certainly make electric cars more attractive to 21st-century buyers.

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