Camping Accessories

Camping Accessories

The great outdoors are the heart and soul of the British staycation. From the Scottish Highlands and Islands to the ancient valleys of the Peak District, almost everyone relishes being able to escape occasionally. However, as any nature lover will know, the great British staycation simply isn’t complete without really getting to grips with the great outdoors, and pitching a tent in the heart of some of Britain’s most scenic areas.

Camping in the UK made Easy

Of course, you don’t necessarily need a motor home to be able to go camping and tour the UK. Instead, any family car can be prepared for almost any kind of family or individual camping adventure. That’s providing of course, that you have all the right accessories on hand.

Are you considering treating yourself and your loved ones to a family BBQ after pitching your tent? If so, don’t settle for a disposable grill. Instead, always make sure to opt for a classic and easy to transport adjustable grill. In like manner, remember to always put safety first and be equipped with items such as fire blankets and BBQ utensils which also double as temperature probes. This way, you won’t have to cut short a family trip due to an unexpected illness or accident.

Taking your Essential home Comforts on the road with You

However, at Family Motoring & Leisure, we’re focused on overall camping comfort just as much as we are safety. In fact, the key to a great family camping staycation is all about not forgoing too many home luxuries. This is why we equip UK outdoor enthusiasts with everything from foldable moon chairs to windbreakers and kids ponchos. This way you can be ready for whatever the weather decides to throw at you, whilst still enjoying every moment of your holiday.

The only question, of course, is where in the UK are you planning on camping and vacationing? Somewhere where you can enjoy the surf in Cornwall, or somewhere even more adventurous like the Scottish Cairngorms? In either case, always make sure to have the right camping essentials on hand. Don’t know what you might need? Don’t worry. Simply see our store below for more details.