Caravan Accessories

As any caravan owner will know, choosing the right caravan for your family is only part of the story. A caravan, after all, is you and your family’s home from home. It’s where you will eat, sleep and secure your belongings (and yourselves) while adventuring in the great British and European outdoors. This being the case, it’s a must to make a caravan as comfortable and as safe as possible for you and your loved ones.

Putting Safety First

While the first things which many people think about in regard to caravan accessories are awnings and fold-away furniture, it’s important to think about in caravan safety also. Is, for instance, your caravan equipped with fire safety devices such as extinguishers and fire blankets? Just as importantly, is your caravan secured against being towed against your will through the use of a universal hitch lock & padlock?

If not, it’s important to equip yourself with such small necessities prior to embarking on your first tour. Thankfully, at Family Motoring & Leisure, we stock all such essentials and more.

Helping you make your Caravan as Road & Site Safe as Possible

Of course, as well as basic safety and security, caravan owners also need to think about their caravans overall road worthiness and on-site safety. Towing a caravan can be difficult for even experienced drivers. For maximum road safety, it’s, therefore, essential to adjust a car’s side mirrors to compensate for the obstruction of a caravan. This and for drivers to use towing light sockets which can synchronize your caravans tail lights to those of your towing vehicle.

Lastly, always make sure to make to have wheel locks on hand to secure your caravan from moving after being sited. This way, you and your loved ones can rest assure yourselves that even in adverse weather, your home from home won’t stand to risk slipping on wet grass pitches while you’re away or in residence.