Because a caravan or motorhome is essentially a home from home, it’s important to make your caravan feel as homely as possible. That said, it’s important also to choose space saving and ultimately functional homeware accessories. Doing so will help you make the most of the space you have in your caravan or motorhome. Even better, many if not all of our homeware accessory items are just as useful to use around your real home on a daily basis.

Organizers and Home Comfort Accessories

If you like cuddling up on the sofa under a warm blanket, our 3 in 1 fleece with insoles and slippers is likely the perfect home and caravan accessory for you. A fleece and a sumptuously comfortable blanket all rolled into one, the included slippers will guarantee that you stay warm and snug just about anywhere. In like manner, items such as our baby cot mosquito nets can help ensure that your little ones are safe, especially when braving midgy prone areas such as the Scottish Highlands.

As many people will no doubt already realize, the key to a positive and enriching mobile home living experience is order and organization. With this in mind, we provide an array of draw and wardrobe organizers which can help you store your belongings as efficiently as possible. This will help owners of even smaller homes and caravans maximize space and achieve a much more fulfilling home living and holiday experience.

Tools & Pet Essentials

Do you often find yourself struggling to find a way to transport your dogs, cats or similar furry friends with you when on holiday? If so, our selection of animal transporters might be just the accessory you’re looking for. In like regard, home tools such as our socket wrench sets, draught excluders and zipped laundry bags, can make both home life and life on the road much more convenient and comfortable for all the family.

In need of something different? If so, make sure to check out our below catalog for a full and comprehensive range of home, motoring and camping accessories.