Motorhome Accessories

As the old saying goes, your home is your castle and your motorhome should be treated no differently. Thankfully, at Family Motoring & Leisure, we have all the accessories which you could ever need to make your own motor home as comfortable and secure as possible.

Fire Safety

Because your motorhome is where you and your family will sleep, eat, and cook during the main part of your vacation, it’s of paramount importance to have safety features such as a fire extinguishers and fire blankets on hand. Having such items can help ensure better personal safety, whilst also ensuring the safety of your motorhome itself should anything from a BBQ to a pot of tea boiling getting out of hand.

Convenience Items

Will you be motoring about the UK or Europe with someone who simply can’t be without their Ipad or smartphone? If so, items such as our two-way in-vehicle chargers can help. Fitted with a vehicle specific fuse, you will be able to charge up to three devices simultaneously and will be able to do so at whenever is convenient for you to do so.

Wheel Locks & Battery Chargers

Of course, the last thing which you need is your motorhome battery itself to run dead on you ar a crucial moment. This is why any motorhome or tourer will always be equipped with items such as a dedicated 6 AMP battery charger. In like regard, to secure your vehicle more safely when sited or pitched, it can be useful to use dedicated wheel locks especially during periods of adverse weather.

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