Travel Accessories

While traveling can be a fun and exciting experience, it’s also no secret that travel can be hugely stressful. We all love getting to our destination, after all, it’s just the in between traveling time which can prove tiring.

Thankfully, the right travel and destination accessories can make travel from A to B much more comfortable and enjoyable. The only question is, which accessories might be most suitable for you and your loved ones?

Travel Pillows & Head Rests

There is nothing worse than flight, rail, or even vehicular journey in which you simply can’t seem to find your ideal resting position. However, with portable and easy to store devices such as inflatable neck cushions, long distance travel discomfort can become a thing of the past finally. By supporting your head and neck, you will be able to sleep and rest much more comfortably while in transit than you ever have previously.

Not keen on inflatable cushions? Whilst inflatable headrests are perfect for most travelers, there are even more comfortable alternatives. Our microbead head cushions, for example, are perfect for anyone looking for a travel cushion which will adapt and mold to their specific posture and position.

Gadgets & Convenience Items

If you are traveling outside of the UK, you will likely already know that you will need to invest in a travel adapter to be able to charge your favorite gadgets and gizmos. This being the case, we stock both worldwide and EU and US specific adapters. This way you will never be caught out when it comes to charging any must have technological peripherals.

Of course, there is far more to traveling locally or internationally than just making sure to have the right travel adapter on hand. That’s why at Family Motoring and Leisure, we make available everything from portable water spray fans to cargo nets and in-car smartphone holders. In the meantime, make sure to check out our even more extensive range of travel inspired camping, motorhome, and outdoor accessories.