Breakdown Kits

Must Have Essentials for Unexpected Vehicle Break Downs

Family, Motoring and Leisure are an online specialist retailer that aims to provide the best quality motoring, outdoor, and leisure activity accessories and essentials. In this article, we hope to utilise some of the knowledge we have obtained throughout the years and pass it on to motorists to keep our roads safer and more enjoyable.

At one time or another, we have all seen a car broken down on the side of the road, with the driver and passenger’s stranded on the hard shoulder. A vehicle breakdown was most likely the last thing on that driver’s mind, yet it still happened. Breakdowns can occur in an instant, and they don’t always occur in the best conditions. At Family, Motoring and Leisure we’re working with our wholesalers to get hold of the best quality tools and aids at the best possible price, to help you prepare for that unexpected breakdown. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to stop a breakdown from happening, but there are those that are prepared and those that are unprepared, and that can make all the difference to getting back on track.

To facilitate this preparation, we have added an array of breakdown kits to our website. These kits comprise of essential aids sourced for a variety of scenarios we believe are the most commonly seen today.

We commonly see motorists break down in the winter without the very basic tools needed to simply keep themselves and other road users safe. So, if you’re always on the road and nothing will stop you from going out, wind, rain or snow, we highly recommend our Winter Breakdown Motoring Kit which would keep you prepared in such conditions. Our Winter Breakdown Kit includes a Hi-Visibility Vest, Warning Triangle, Dynamo Torch, Double Barrel Foot Pump, Ice scraper, Emergency Tow Rope and Jump Leads; hand packed into a snug and durable kit bag enabling you to store all these winter driving essentials on the back seat or boot of your car.

We have also found that many drivers are knowledgeable about their vehicles and can often explore and discover the cause of their break down, but these motorists again lack the basic tools and safety aids to help them get the job done whilst keep themselves and other road users safe. In these circumstances, we’ve done some hard thinking and put together a smaller package just for you. Thus, the Breakdown Essentials Kit was born, this kit has a hi-visibility vest, emergency jump leads, heavy duty gloves and a dynamo torch and, of course, all held together in a durable motoring kit bag for easy storage of your motoring essentials.

Family, Motoring and Leisure wants you to be in the best possible position should you experience a breakdown and be prepared for the unexpected. In order to be in the best possible position, we firstly recommend that you ensure you have break-down cover and the relevant details available should you need to request assistance. In addition to this, we recommend to all motorists to carry one of our kits for the main purpose of keeping yourself safe and others. We stock a range of comprehensive and affordable motoring kits applicable to every driver and every vehicle.

Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!