Winter Motoring Kits

Winter Driving, Are You Prepared? 

Every year the winter weather in England is a feature in the news, usually due to its effect on much of the United Kingdom’s transportation system. What isn’t featured as often as it should be is the essential aids and necessary tools motorists should ensure are displayed or stored in their vehicle, to be prepared for hazardous winter weather. Family, Motoring and Leisure has a huge and plentiful range of motoring tools and aids that all motorists should strongly consider getting to reduce the chances of getting delayed or stuck on your way to family and friends.

Whether you’re in the mountainous regions of Scotland or at the central hub of London, the predictability of the English weather is nearly impossible. This is why Family, Motoring and Leisure seeks to raise awareness across the UK and Europe on road safety, motoring legal requirements and how to reduce road risk. This is demonstrated by the creation of the DriveRight and SpeedRight Safety Aids, designed and developed for the nervous and cautious driver either travelling to the European Continent or the UK.

DriveRight is a simple, transparent and reusable safety aid that guides drivers to the right side of the road whether you’re from the continent or UK. This potentially life-saving aid is crucial for drivers travelling abroad, especially in the winter weather, where last minute manoeuvres could be your last.

SpeedRight is another safety aid of the range which displays the conversions of MPH and KPH for both UK and European vehicles. It assists motorists in avoiding foreign speeding fines and potential penalty points. Knowing the speed limit on unfamiliar roads whilst abroad can be paramount not only concerning fines and penalties but reducing risk when taking sharp turns on icy roads.

Due to the winter weather Family, Motoring and Leisure have taken everything we’ve learnt over the years in the industry and created the Winter Breakdown Kit, which we believe comprises of the essentials every driver should ensure they have with them if you’re planning a trip by car. Included in the Winter Breakdown Kit is an EU Approved Warning Triangle where should you experience a breakdown you can display this device to warn road users of what is ahead and keep you and your passengers safe. There is also a Hi-Visibility Vest and Dynamo Torch to ensure drivers can be seen, as well as be able to see. The kit also has an ice scraper to clear all your vehicle windows, Emergency Tow Rope and Jump Leads to assist drivers should they suffer a breakdown and lastly, a Double Barrel Foot Pump to keep your vehicle tyres pumped and safe for long winter journeys.

The holidays is a great time of year to enjoy the company of friends and family, and we hope you enjoy your Christmas. Just make sure, if you’re planning a long drive, to pack the essential tools and aids necessary to be best prepared for the coming winter weather.

Merry Christmas!

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