Product Review: Penn Suitcase Scooter

Family, Motoring and Leisure brings its first of many product reviews to your screens. Our first feature product is the Penn Suitcase Scooter an initiative and fun solution to the busy jet-setter. Taking the product for a spin we can confirm that it can pick-up some speed on any stable flat surface and it has impressive handle grips providing comfort and grip whilst you’re on the go. It also features a small break-mechanism should you need to stop at any point in your journey.

Inside the suitcase is your standard small suitcase-size interior with its front providing tailored storage for your laptop or iPad, pens and any other office essentials you need for your travels. The suitcase has a strong silver exterior with an intense jet-black on the scooter, its supporting structure and the rear of the suitcase itself. The interior has a slightly lighter silver shade than its exterior and it has added straps to secure any clothing or goods you need. The front of the suitcase has a tough material to prevent punctures or damage and the back of the suitcase is extremely well protected with a strong and thick black plastic preventing damage to your belongings for the years to come.


An overall good quality and durable suitcase, its position on the front of the scooter removes any notion of its weight giving your shoulders a break from backpacks and messenger bags, meanwhile, you’re at rest when you reach the station or airport as you’ve arrived earlier than expected by scooter. You’re certain to save some money from avoiding the need to take any short underground train or taxi journeys across the city. The handle and scooter are also operated and released via two separate buttons enabling you to trolley the suitcase without the scooter dropping down or you can utilise them both at the same time.

I strong recommend from Family, Motoring and Leisure for those busy individuals continuously travelling abroad or around the city.

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