3-Piece European Driving Kit



Family, Motoring and Leisure has put together this 3-piece European Driving Kit that holds those key essentials motorists are required to carry or apply to their vehicle whilst driving on the European Continent. We identified three essentials that every motorist would be required by law to obtain to avoid an ‘on the spot’ fine. This kit includes a set of Eurolites Anti-Scorch Beam Reflectors, Euro GB Sticker, Universal Spare Bulb Kit.


Eurolites Headlamp Beam Reflectors

Our Eurolites Anti-Scorch Beam Reflectors are suitable for all vehicles and they include a manual for their application to your vehicle with a diagram to show you exactly how to apply them to your headlamps. Beam adaptation is a legal requirement when driving abroad, and it is essential that all motorists ensure they have adapted their headlights for both legal and safety reasons.


Euro GB Sticker

Our Euro GB Sticker included in this kit will fulfill your requirement under international law, requiring you to display the Country of Origin when travelling by motor vehicle from one country to another. This sticker will also clearly communicate with other road users of your nationality to ensure a safety distance and relevant consideration is given to non-nationals drivers.


Spare Universal Bulb Kit

Our ‘E’ approved bulb kit provides motorists with all the major bulbs which are commonly used throughout all vehicle types. It is a requirement in a significant portion of European countries that motorists carry the relevant bulbs for their vehicle in order to make the necessary changes a fail blow or fail during your travels. This Bulb Kit specifically includes:


1 X H7 – 499 & 1 X H4 – 472

1 X H1 – 448 & 1 X 501 – BULB 12V 5W

1 X 207 – BULB 12V 5W & 1 X 382 – 12V 21W

1 X 380 – 12V 21/5W & 1 X 10 AMP BLADE FUSE (RED)



Please note that the Eurolites Anti-Scorch Beam Reflectors are not sent in its retails packaging.


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