BBQ Smoker with FREE Wood Chip

BBQ Smoker

BBQ Smoker with FREE Wood Chip


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In the summer months, what is better than a friendly gathering in the garden to share some of the best barbecue food. Whether it’s a birthday party or just a social gathering, you can ensure you serve up the best culinary delights and amaze your guests with ease with this amazing Barbecue grill smoker.

Using this barbecue smoker couldn’t be easier. Simply fuel your barbecue smoker up with charcoal and the free smoking wood chip, and add you desired foods to the grills to produce the best tasting barbecue.

Get the barbecuing and smoking right every time!

The worst part of barbecuing is judging when the food is perfectly cooked.  Never go wrong again using this smoker grill by monitoring the smokers cooking temperature with the in-built thermometer, taking the guess work out of barbecuing. Simply adjust the temperature of the smoker by adjusting the air flow using the vent in the barbecue grill.

Amaze your guests and be the envy of your friends with the best tasting smoked food!

 Why not try something new by smoking your favourite food.  Simply hook the food and hang it on the smoking rails in the lid, or simply leave on the grill and let it absorb that lovely Smokey flavour. When used as a smoker, the chimney-like design with a vented lid and tight-fitting doors creates a constant flow of new smoke and integral flavour channels direct smoke for maximum food flavouring.

The most versatile barbecue smoker grill on the market today

 When entertaining in the summer months make sure you can please everyone with the versatility of this smoker.  You can enjoy roasting and smoking your favourite foods. Or simply remove the lid to turn this into a conventional charcoal barbeque, making it perfect for all situations and able to fulfil all your barbecue guests needs.  You can ensure that none of your guests go hungry as this barbecue smoker has two cooking grills, meaning that you can cook, grill, and smoke enough food at once to feed all of your guests.



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