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Our ‘NF’ Approved Alcoproof breathalysers are supplied in a twin pack providing you with a spare should you ever find the need to use one, and keeping you compliant with French law. Although recent changes have been made to French motoring law concerning breathalysers, they are still a legal requirement for all drivers to produce to the authorities upon request.

The Alcoproof breathalyser has been specifically tested and accredited in accordance with the NF X20702 standards. This breathalyser is designed to alert you at the lower French drink drive limit of 0.5 BAC. UK limit is 0.8 and UK calibrated breathalysers will NOT be accepted by France.

Please note you will receive 2 single breathalysers. Be aware of cheap far east imports that do NOT comply with the French NF regulations and, most importantly, will NOT be accepted by the French Police.

All Current stock has a long expiry date May 2019


How it works –

The tester is constituted of glass tubing containing a reagent. Tube weight is 5 grams. The reagent has for function to indicate the alcohol concentration in the air exhaled. The reagent alters from Red to White in colour proportionate to the density of alcohol.

A volume measurement of exhaled breath is calculated by a red thermochrome indicator. The indicator becomes red after 2 minutes following the test. This red colour signals the readiness to interpret the test result. The reagent is maintained firmly between two stainless steel gates.

The tube of glass is sealed at each extremity by an aluminium core. Striker tips are placed at each end of the tube to prevent damage due to shock. An adhesive label is surrounding the glass tube for an increased resistance to shock.

Features Shows your alcohol level in 2 minutes In Accordance of French NF breathalyser standards When you pass the red line you are over the French drink drive limit A minimum of 2 approved disposable breathalysers must be carried in your car at any time while in France


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