Complete Breakdown Kit



Family, Motoring and Leisure want to keep you prepared should your vehicle suffer a breakdown. In our Breakdown Kit, we aim to provide top quality tools and aids to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. The Complete Breakdown Kit includes a Hi-Visibility Vest, Emergency Tow Rope, Tyre Weld, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Jump Leads, Gloves, First Aid Kit and a Kit Bag.


Hi-Visibility Vest

Our Hi-Visibility Vests are sure to make you seen and keep you safe. To stay compliant with laws across Europe, motorists must purchase and store a Hi-Visibility Vest in their vehicles and ensure that they are stored within reaching distance of the steering wheel, to avoid receiving a fine.


First Aid Kit

Our First Aid Kit includes the main essentials to tend to a wound should an unfortunate accident happen. Should any motorist be travelling through France, under the Good Samaritan law drivers are required to stop and provide aid and assistance to injured parties. This First Aid Kit enables drivers to provide some form of aid to anyone that you could come across should an incident present itself.


Emergency Tow Rope

Our Emergency Tow Rope assists with its length and strength, giving you the durability for that helping hand to pull your car forward whilst ensuring a safety and reasonable distance from the vehicle ahead.


Tyre Weld

Our Tyre Weld keeps motorists on the road should your vehicle suffer from a puncher whilst on the road our weld can simply be applied to the affected area, and it will seal the puncher until you can get it changed out.


Fire Extinguisher

Our top-quality Fire Extinguishers provide you with the opportunity to respond to an incident and minimise potential fire damage to other vehicles. Under the Good Samaritan law in France, drivers are required to stop and provide assistance to the scene of a traffic accident. The compacted design means it can be easily stored in your vehicle with the rest of your luggage.


Emergency Jump Leads

Our Jump Leads, we believe, are essential for every driver to carry and so we’ve included them in this kit for drivers to be prepared to jump start their vehicles and be able to assist other should they be in need of your assistance.



Our Gloves are provided in this kit to ensure that your hands stay clean and clear of any substances, so it isn’t transferred to your steering wheel or upholstery.


Zip-Up Kit Bag

Our durable zip-up Kit Bag provides the ultimate storage solution, all the items in this kit will be hand packed into a comfortable kit bag enabling drivers to store it at the front of their vehicles and have everything they need within reach. It also preserves all the motoring essentials that are inside, so they are ready to use should such a situation arise.


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