Driving Kit France 2



Family, Motoring and Leisure put together the Driving Kit France for travellers heading for the European Continent. Provided in this kit is a range of the essential items we’ve source that is required to be carried in, or applied to your vehicle under French Law. This kit includes a set of Eurolites Beam Adaptors, Warning Triangle, Alcoproof Breathalysers and a Self-Adhesive GB Sticker.


EU Approved Warning Triangle

Our approved warning triangle provides stability, reliability and durability at the time you’ll need it most. If you’re travelling abroad by car and breakdown you will be required to display a warning triangle a set distance from the rear of your vehicle; our warning triangle will not fail at such a time.


Eurolites Headlamp Beam Adaptors

Our Eurolites Anti-Scorch Beam Reflectors are suitable for all vehicles and they include a manual for their application to your vehicle with a diagram to show you exactly how to apply them to your headlamps. Beam adaptation is a legal requirement when driving abroad, and it is essential that all motorists ensure they have adapted their headlights for both legal and safety reasons.


Approved Alcoproof Breathalyser 

Our ‘NF’ Approved Alcoproof breathalysers are supplied in a twin pack providing you with a spare should you ever find the need to use one, and keeping you compliant with French law. Although recent changes have been made to French motoring law concerning breathalysers, they are still a legal requirement for all drivers to produce to the authorities upon request.


Self-Adhesive GB Sticker

Our GB stickers enable drivers to comply with international law and display their vehicles Country of Origin whilst driving in another country. We recommend the GB Sticker due to its easy application, it is fit for all vehicles and has a prominent size.


Please note that the Eurolites Anti-Scorch Beam Reflectors are not sent in its retails packaging.


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