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Family, Motoring and Leisure created this package for motorists to adaptor their vehicle headlights in accordance with French law and for those drivers who are not used to driving on the other side of the road or using KMP. The SpeedRight and DriveRight are potentially life-saving aids and at least reduces the risk of getting a foreign speeding ticket. This package includes a set of Eurolites Beam Adaptors, SpeedRight Safety Aid and DriveRight Safety Aid.


Eurolites Headlamp Beam Adaptors

Our Eurolites Anti-Scorch Beam Reflectors are suitable for all vehicles and they include a manual for their application to your vehicle with a diagram to show you exactly how to apply them to your headlamps. Beam adaptation is a legal requirement when driving abroad, and it is essential that all motorists ensure they have adapted their headlights for both legal and safety reasons


SpeedRight Sticker

SpeedRight is a simple, reusable and transparent speedo converter aid that helps you to drive at the right speed in Europe and the UK. In a simple glance, you can determine what the legal speed limit is and avoid receiving unwanted fines.


DriveRight Lane Safety Sticker

DriveRight is a transparent sticker that gives you a natural ‘sat-nav’ view of the road ahead and shows you instantly which side of the road you should be driving on. It adheres cleanly to the windscreen without obscuring vision or leaving messy adhesive, and can be reversed as a reminder to drive on the left when returning to the UK.


Please note that the Eurolites Anti-Scorch Beam Reflectors are not sent in its retails packaging.

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Driveright, Speedright, Both


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