Fishing Keep Net for Coarse Fishing

Fishing Keep Net

Fishing Keep Net for Coarse Fishing


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Do you enjoy fishing in the great outdoors or trying to teach the family about your favourite pass time? Then this quality keep net is all you need to ensure you can show you catch off to your fishing competition, or inspect your successful catch of the day with the family.

Every fisherman cannot wait to get to their favourite fishing spot for a relaxing day of fishing.  Always after the monster catch but also caring for the welfare of the fish so they can be caught by future anglers.  After perfecting your technique, you finally get that monster bite you have been hoping for.  Then comes the long battle to get the fish to the bank, where there is only a limited time to take in the quality of your catch, before releasing the fish back to whence it came.

Using this keep net, you have more time to inspect your catch of the day!

Once your fish is landed on the bank of the river or lake, don’t be restricted by time.  This keep net is the best tool to give you more time to inspect your catch while also looking out for the welfare of the fish while coarse fishing. With the aluminium bank stick securing the net to the bank, and the adjustable head angle keeping the net facing the perfect way, all you need to do is de-hook the fish and let it gently slip into the keep net for later weighing/inspection.

Keep you fish safe, secure, and unharmed with ease!

Having a high quality keep net is a vital tool when coarse fishing. As this keep net is made of a rot proof micro-mesh, it will keep your catch secure until you are ready to inspect and release the fish for it to be caught once again.  There is nothing worse when having a successful days fishing than finding your keep net is full and you must release some of your catch. Measuring an impressive 140 cm long and 36cm in diameter, this keep net will ensure you can fish all day without having to worry how many fish you manage to successfully land.

Keep fishing simple and practical time after time!

The last thing a fisherman needs, when preparing for a fishing trip, or packing up for the day to head home, is to have to carry huge and heavy fishing equipment/supplies to and from your mode of transport.  With this keep net, you do not have these worries. This amazing keep net only weighs in at 571 grams and the aluminium bank stick is easily removable. This means this keep net can be folded away into a compact size and will not weigh you down. With this quality keep net, getting to and from your favourite fishing spot or latest competition couldn’t be easier!


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