Spectrum 500 European Motoring Kit


European motoring kit containing NEW Eurolites Spectrum 500 ‘the Next Generation of Headlight Adaptors’ as well as essential items when motoring in Europe.

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It is compulsory to carry certain items while driving through Europe and this kit will make sure you are well prepared for your journey. By not carrying these legal requirements fines could be imposed. All of the items are packaged in a convenient travel bag, ready to pack in to your boot. 

Kit Contains:

  • Eurolites Spectrum 500 Headlamp Adaptors
  • UK Adhesive Sticker
  • Alcoproof Twin Pack Breathalysers
  • EU Approved Warning Triangle
  • High Visibility Vest 
  • First Aid Kit
  • Carry Bag

Eurolites Spectrum 500 are easy to fit and are supplied with individual fitting instructions for ALL 2015 on vehicles

Eurolites Spectrum 500 Adaptors have been specifically designed to deal with the latest curved polycarbonate headlamps and increasingly powerful LED / Xenon headlamps with Enhanced White Light Filtration.

Enhanced White Light Filtration for Ultra-bright LED / Xenon Headlamps – help against harmful ‘blue light’.

Anti-Scorch Technology using Heat Mirror foils – ensures the extra heat / light generated by Xenon HID / projector headlamps is reflected back into the headlamp to optimise the beam pattern and prevent scorching to modern polycarbonate headlamps.

Latest 2-core Acrylic Adhesive – for reliable performance even on curved headlamps.

Enhanced UV Protection – affords excellent performance, even for those staying in Europe for longer periods.