Universal Bulb & Fuse Kit


Compact Universal Car Spare Bulb Kit By Family Motoring & Leisure:   

“E”-Approved Emergency Auto Halogen Η1, Η4, Η7 Bulb & Blade Fuse Replacement Set-Europe Road-Trip Essentials- Backup Το Most Vehicles 

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AVOID TRAFFIC TICKETS ABROAD: There are various regulations around Europe regarding car equipment that must be carried with you, with spare bulb kits being at the top of the list. With our universal spare “E” approved bulb kit, you can, now, safely and securely drive around Europe and enjoy a stress-free road trip. 
AVOID TRAFFIC TICKETS ΑΤ ΗΟΜΕ: It’s illegal to drive with a blown bulb everywhere, including the UK, isn’t it? In most countries, actually, daytime running lights are mandatory even during daylight hours. Thanks to Family Motoring & Leisure replacement bulb kit, you can rest assured that if a headlight, fog light or other light malfunction, there will be another one ready and waiting. 
SUPER-EASY TO CARRY: This super-compact and lightweight spare bulb & fuse kit can be easily carried in your car at all times, without taking up too much of your precious space. The sturdy and strong box will not get damaged easily and will keep the bulbs out of reach of small kids and out of harm’s way. 
GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY: Family Motoring & Leisure offers a collection of all the essential interior and exterior bulbs & fuses at the most affordable price. The three main types of Halogen Headlamp Bulbs, and the items included in the kit, fit the majority of vehicles. This means that the kit will remain handy for years to come, even if you change your car. 

  • 1 X H7 – 499
  • 1 X H4 – 472
  • 1 X H1 – 448 
  • 1 X 501 – BULB 12V 5W 
  • 1 X 207 – BULB 12V 5W 
  • 1 X 382 – 12V 21W
  • 1 X 380 – 12V 21/5W
  • 1 X 10 AMP BLADE FUSE (RED) 

In the majority of European countries it’s an offence to drive a motor vehicle at any time if a headlight, side light or other lamp is not in good working order. Your position is even worse if you can’t replace any such blown running light on demand by a Police Officer.