Caravan 80/90 Speed Limit Stickers


80/90 Speed Limit Stickers – French law stipulates that these must be displayed by vehicles towing a caravan or trailer.

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French law stipulates that 80 and 90 stickers must be displayed by vehicles towing a caravan or trailer.

The regulation stipulates that vehicles driving in France that are towing a caravan or trailer, where the vehicle has a GTM over 3.5 tonnes (see below), must display 80 and 90 ‘speed limit’ stickers. This is because French Law says that they are required to drive at the lower speed limits of:

80 km/h on single carriageways

90 km/h on dual carriageways / motorways

The 80 sticker must be applied to the back of the caravan / trailer in the bottom left hand corner, with the 90 sticker either placed above or to its right.

GTM (Gross Train Mass) is the maximum permitted ‘fully loaded’ weight of your vehicle ADDED TO the maximum permitted caravan / trailer towing weight for your vehicle. This information can normally be found in your vehicle handbook. As a guide, most family sized cars (e.g. Ford Mondeo) will have a GTM in excess of 3.5 tonnes.

NOTE: This law is based on the ‘theoretical’ total GTM and, even if you are towing a smaller trailer with a lightly loaded car, stickers MUST still be applied!

  • 80/90 Speed Limit Stickers
  • Legal requirement when driving in France
  • Pack of 2 stickers:
  • 1 x 80KM/H and 1 x 90KM/H stickers
  • When towing caravans and trailers you must display them